Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday: Work In Progress

My sister's boyfriend's mom likes to shop. She has donated a ton of clothes to us. So, this is only a small amount of jeans. They fit the crotch and waist (the majority of the difficulty completed). They are just too long and a little baggier on the calves than I'd prefer. So, I decided to take them in. Mind you, this is a work in progress.

1. I put the pants on inside out then pinned one side however I I wanted to pants to fit on me. I made sure to pay attention to the knees and thighs as to not have them too baggy, it will give more of a tapered look (undesirable on me) rather than a skinny, fitted look (preferred) if I only take in the bottom parts.
2. After pinning in all the places on both the inner and outer seams (giving a more even look), I used a fatter Crayola marker and colored on the fabric that was pinned. Running the marker along the fabric where the bar of the pin is gave me a better indicator of where I wanted it pinned.
{Unpin after all markings have been made, and take off pants}

Pin it down. Make sure to straighten the fabric against the seams..

It will look something like this.

Measure the placement of the pins, like in battleship or graphing. So many inches over, so many inches up. 

Pin the opposite side of the leg making the fabric straight against the seams.

Measure the mirrored markings.

Mark and pin.

It will look something similar to this.

I tend to do a dot-to-dot from the each of the markings.
(obviously test marker or chalk on fabric first)

Another image. Do same steps with outer seam.

Continue the line and new seamline until it meets with the original seam line. Measure inches up and make same marking on opposite leg.

I have always felt that the prepping was like 1000 times harder than the sewing. So on my next day off, I will finish with the sewing itself. 

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