Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

Chris and I decided that we wanted to spend Valentine's Day together in the morning and with the kids in the evening. This way we could have the best of both worlds, aaaaand eat at Silver Dollar!

I knew the moment that we planned on an early Valentine's that this is where I wanted to go. Just look that smile on my face.
Chris is such a good sport letting me take a picture. I think he knew I would be persistent about picture taking on this day.
And THIS is what you get for $7.99! 2 huge pancakes, that are delicious, 3 eggs, 3 bacon, and 3 sausage.
Ok, these chocolate pancakes for to die for. They ares so good and chocolatey. I don't really have words.
And like any day to show love for me, a thrifting stop. We went to the Salvation Army where everything we got was 50% off, and I scored THE best velvet blue coat that someone thought was a blouse, pricing it at $6.35 and then 50% off that!

I needed new sunglasses. Isaac broke one and I stepped on another. My favorite place to get a pair, the good ol' 99cent store. Look at my cool new pair! There was a guy asking for change outside of the store; we didn't have any, so I had Chris offer him soda. He was pretty excited at that orange soda. He was so thankful and wished us Happy Valentine's. I love that my husband is caring, that's something you just can't take for granted.
And then we watched our little princess ride her bike.
See the small bike in the background? That was what she learned on, and on Valentine's Day, she moved up to the big bike. Isn't her fashion sense adorable?
This little guy wanted to come outside too. But he doesn't like to be still and put so he decided he wanted to go back in the house.
2 seconds after this he ran off with these gamges. He's ALWAYS trying to run away from me.
We picked up the Gotye CD at Best Buy after picking up the kiddos.
The prettiest and cheesiest girl every!
The beautiful men in my life!
Me and my princess.
She wanted Dad's Famous Mac and Cheese (Kraft) for dinner. She asked to eat in the living room while we watched Princess Mononoke. I told her I got a tablecloth for dinner. We compromised on putting it on the chest in the living room. (2 seconds later she had the bowl on her lap and her feet on the tablecloth-covered chest)
We decided to be fancy and have banana splits for dessert. (she ate this all)

I felt so full of love on this day. It's a great celebration of whatever form of love you have in your life.

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  1. I love my Olson family!! :) Awesome Valentine's Blog!! LOVE you guys