Monday, March 26, 2012

Books and Blooms

I asked my sister what she wanted for her birthday. Answer: handmade jewelry.
Response: Yes!
I had stopped by Joann(s) and went looking for some jewlery inspiration on a budget. I have been really into the pearls this spring and gravitated toward the pearly glass beads. My sister likes cool, interesting pieces.
I had seen these pretty pastel colored flower beads. I knew this needed to be a necklace.

I had entertained the idea of putting handmade gifts in hollowed out books. Only to be told that's what drug dealers and criminals do. Boo. But then I saw this adorable blog pulled it off. I knew I had to give it a go.

But hollowing out pages on a time budget is hard, so I slit the book apart from the cover.

And this is what you get when opened. A feminine and softish, bold pair of beauties.

A bouquet of flowers around your neck!

I used pale pink glass beads in the center of the flowers with 26 gauge wire. I wrapped 20 gauge pink copper wire to make the stem of the bouquet. I didn't want the feminine look to be lossed on the long chain, so I broke it up with some glass pink glass pearls.

I think coral is the color this spring, but this "peach" flower stuck out to me. I used the glass pearls in 2 different sizes. This flower is removable and stands out like a broach.

I held the silk flowers together with a glass pearl.

I had some left over leopard fabric. Red and leopard. That's a good mix.

I had seen on etsy this adorable bite sized owl. My sister is an owl lover. I had to attempt. And, I did it! I figured this would be awesome as a pendant on a necklace. But perfect with a real twig as a branch. I glittered it just a bit.
Eh, slightly heavy on the glue on the right eye. But, I still love it.

Happy Birthday Mia. Hope you like your gifts!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I saw this link on a blog I frequent. I literally felt desire in and an aching in the pit of my stomach.
I love and want this so bad.That green and pink stand in the back is almost indescribable. The mix of luxurious elements with basic simple design is perfect.

My In-Laws!

I'm so excited that my in-laws are here. Look at what proud grandparents they are. Love them.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Organizing Anyone?


I’m not really organized. Not really organized at all. I was organizing paperwork and thought of how I really need to start organizing different things in my life. I decided that photo management would be a great way to start. Also, I need to put together pictures for my mom’s birthday. She’s adorable and just wants updated photos of everyone. Well, what a task I have ahead of me!