Thursday, January 12, 2012

Technically Speaking

OK, gadgets. That's how we get by nowadays. So, I currently use my HTC Inspire (Android) as my main source of photos and blogging. Sometimes I'll use the RetroCamera, LittlePhoto, and Pixlr-o-matic apparently from the market. I am trying this thing out where I upload them to pgotobucket then use the HTML code (we'll see how that works for me). I carry my thumbdrive around (it used to have a Lego Hagrid keychain on it) which has a lot of pics on it. I normally manage my photos on it, then edit with GIMP. I do a lot of "on the go". I carry a SanDisk mp3 that with my memory card included is about 8gb. I only listen to the same like 5 songs a week. At home I use a Gateway, yes Gateway computer running windows 7 and use Photoshop CS3. I know most people have fancy, fancier gadgets. This is what I have with in my means and I make do.

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